Welcome to The House of KICK

a health and wellness brand that houses many concepts and packages to support you all in becoming the fittest and healthiest you have ever been with structured positive daily habits.

Easy to do and simple to follow, we are here to educated you in health and lifestyle. I have created a method that has worked for me and my clients for over 30 years.

One of my clients said to me “ Sophs, the KICK method has helped me fall in love with training”. I nearly cried.

Hello, my name is Sophs, a trusted global health Speaker, Coach and Mentor.  I revolutionise the lives of busy business people and companies, getting you motivated, energised and living an upgraded lifestyle in body, mind health and wealth.

I support you to align your high aspirations for your health and wellness goals with your business and life goals.

My simple method of the KICK 4 minute rounds provides the structure, accountability and inspiration you need to make the change and delivers sustainable results – whether you want to lose weight, manage stress, feel stronger, regain work life balance, recover from injury or simply feel able to meet the challenges of your demanding lifestyle KICK provides this – KICK is not a quick fix, KICK is for life.

I am 50 years old now and never felt more stronger, more flexible and fitter with my bad addictions in the right place and my new positive addictions keeping my body energised.   I can proudly say, through my ups and downs, I have learnt some winning strategies and my clients I still have now from over 15 years plus feel the same.

I have been fighting fit to 95 kilos so I have been up and down those scales like a yo-yo.

KICK is here to support you to live your A Game life like it has done for 1000s of my clients over the decades.

I have seen an awful lot of health and mind issues over this time of coaching and mentoring.  With a 360 degree Holistic Experience to training we guide you through supporting you all the way.

Back in my teenage days I was always good at sport, representing my county and country and RAF in Athletics and Hockey.  At 16 years old my mum suddenly died, she wanted to depart this life due to her mental health issues which I was unaware of.  The trauma led to pain, but I needed to take this pain and turn it into power.  So, I started Thai-KICKboxing, my boss was former 5 x World Champion so he took me to his gym in Tottenham, North London.

It was here I found my positive addiction, it was here I learnt about myself, it was here I became super fit and strong, learnt about values, being authentic with people and most of all learnt how to forgive and overcome my loss.  It was here I not only fell in love training, I fell in love with the process of healing and fell in love with me.  Having felt lost and alone I found a community all inspired to become the best versions of themselves and all were training to a clock on the wall – which is now the KICK 4 minute round workout clock.

After 10 years of training, gaining my Black Belt, becoming and World KICKboxing Association champion fighter, presenting on the World Fitness Stage and coaching students and clients all over London whilst having a fulltime job, it took its toll.

My body and mind broke down so back to the drawing board of life.  How do I recover and heal whist in a PTSD hell hole?  I could barely move never mind train, I was in despair and went into a black hole.   I wasn’t going to let this destroy me, so I went back to the drawing board and started training a KICK 4 minute round again. Only 1 not the 24 rounds I used to train each day.

Using my Far Eastern Philosophies I had learnt from my decade of trips to training camps in Thailand, learning about mindfulness, breathing, yoga and food, I started off slowing to get me into the habit again and mindset.  This was very hard, I had put on 25 kilos and felt less than half the person I used to be.  Feeling powerless and out of control, I persisted every day hard albeit to get myself out of bed to do this whilst having bills to pay.  That powerful word CONSISTENCY became my best friend.

So, this was the beginning of building and creating my brand KICK. “Never was it a crisis” is one of my favourite quotes so why not build something from all of this experience to help others.

Integrating Far Eastern Philopsophies with Western Training techniques I realised this was the power force of a healing training method. 

“Anyone can train a KICK 4 minute round every day” I began to say.

So this all began to makes sense, whether you are fit or not, an addict or not, got mental ill health or not or even just can’t be bothered, but know you need to take some health action, KICK is for everyone who needs to move and improve.

I am sure this will resonate with a few of you, so you can see my journey has not been an easy one.   I can hold my hand on my heart and say my training has got me through trauma and pain, helped me become a champion and lose 25 kilos, helped me forgive and let go, helped me have compassion and empathy to help others.

So if you are feeling low or need a KICK up the bum then I would be happy to chat to any of you.

I hope this has helped and look forwards to meeting some of you soon.

So, with all of this said KICK is here to support you no matter where you are on your health and wellness journey.

The easiest 3 things to KICK start your new daily rituals to help you become Unbreakable for 2023 are:

DAY 1 – KICK Start with 4 minutes per day for you – this is 1 x KICK 4 min round.

This can be sitting alone still and in silence, having a good stretch, writing your gratifications to adding a light jog to a walk

DAY 2 – add 1 more KICK round so 8 minutes of doing something like the above or some light exercise – or try doing nothing – as in sitting in silence which is time for YOU – this often is harder to do nothing.

DAY 3 – add another KICK 4 minute round – now you are up to 12 minutes of doing something or doing nothing – you chose.

Do this CONSISTENTLY and you will get the gains.   This means 2-3 days on and then take a day off.  Then repeat.

If you want more ideas we have a KICK LIFESTYLE APP with 100s of KICK 4 minute round videos on which range from yoga to martial arts stretching, to body weight exercise and weights, to skipping and punching.  You can learn some Martial Arts on here also – how to punch and kick and defend yourselves and listen to some inspirational educational talks.

Visit linktr.ee/KICK4 and see what we have and the link to the KICK APP is there.

I would be more than happy to jump on a call with anyone and you can book that also.

KICK is not a diet, KICK is for LIFE – so if you are wanting to make positive long term changes to your life then this is for you