Location and timings — it’s your choice.

Our trainers are happy to deliver sessions in house, for individuals or groups; or alternatively, at any suitable location. We also have links with a number of hand-picked venues to suit your budget.

In addition we now offer virtual, interactive, online sessions for those who are more comfortable with that, or where it is a more effective use of time. Training can be facilitated face to face or online.

We operate across the UK and regularly facilitate sessions in the Middle and Far East, around Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and South Africa.

We can package a single programme or work in partnership with you to deliver a longer-term framework.

Our accessible half-day formats always prove extremely popular with learners. We can also present ‘hot-topic’ modules, lasting anything from an hour; all the way through to our comprehensive and highly-regarded, Exceptional PA/EA and Administrators’ programme delivered over five full days.

Courses are conducted in the English language.

Why not contact or call us NOW for suggested course outlines and for a no-obligation chat on we can help you reach your goals.