Prince’s Trust

Heather was honoured to be invited to become a Prince’s Trust business mentor in 2014 and was happy to take up the offer.

Following 14 years in her own business, she felt she could offer some expertise.

She also recognised, when she established Baker Thompson Associates she had a supportive family, albeit there was a financial risk. The young people she mentors often have very different backgrounds and Heather is in awe of their ambition and determination, often against a lot of odds.

As at 2023, Heather has mentored five businesses. She is also very appreciative of the training she receives from the Trust, which not only helps with the mentoring, but also contributes to her knowledge for her training and business in general.

Isipho Admin

In 2016, Heather was invited to speak at Executive Secretary (now Executive Support) LIVE in Johannesburg, South Africa. During a very happy and emotional visit, she met a group of Assistants from there who had established Isipho* Admin whose mission statement is:

“The dream has always been to give something back to the world by uplifting our local communities. Our goal is to tackle economic and educational problems by changing just one person’s life at a time. We aim to provide entry to the executive assistant profession, to those in need of an opportunity. We have a dream….and since 2016 we have been making it a reality!”

Heather was invited to become an “Isipho Angel”; a supporter and mentor for the young people; this was a “no-brainer” – so important and so relevant.

*Isipho (pronounced is-ee-po) is Zulu for the gift.