Enjoy the view by Paula Harding

Paula Harding, Executive Assistant to Sid Madge, Founder, Meee

How many times have you thought about how other people seem to be better at doing things than you? I know I have done this many, many times, and probably if I’m honest, far too many times than is healthy. Many of us believe that, like the old saying, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’.

We spend large amounts of our precious time on this wonderful planet worrying and we forget to look up and enjoy the view. In the process, we miss out on all the brilliant and amazing things going on around us and forget to realise how brilliant and amazing we are ourselves.

I’ve attended many networking and development events over the last 7 years and what I’ve found is that whilst the grass may be another colour on the other side, it’s just different to mine. It’s not better, it’s not worse, just different. And difference is a wonderful thing and should be celebrated. In nature, diversity is the key to sustainability.

However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t make more of who we are and what we are capable of. We deserve to spend time on ourselves and EMBRACE a cycle of continuous growth.


Take the time to reflect and review what is happening in your life. Is it what you want? If it is then great, if not, why not? What can you stop doing, start doing, do more of or less of?

A great way to review your life is to add the word ‘if’ to the end of a sentence. For example, ‘I would be happier if?’ or ‘I would have my dream job if?’.

Ask other people for feedback, both positive and areas where there could be improvement made. Sometimes we are so caught up in our own thoughts and feelings that we struggle to see what’s actually going on.

Make A Plan

It can often feel that it is easier to do nothing than make a start so develop a plan, this will provide you with a focus.

It could be an elaborate plan using mind maps, spider diagrams, bullet journals or project management software. Or you could keep it really simple and write it all down in a list.


No matter how much evaluation you carry out, no matter how much you plan, nothing will change unless you take action.

Take small steps and build momentum as you go along. I once heard a Performance Coach outlining the key to achieving goals as adopting a nudging approach. He used the example of a cargo ship which would be too big to simply pull into the Wharf. It would have to use the assistance of a tug-boat, nudging it into place in stages.

Whilst starting is the best medicine for taking action, we often forget to take our medicine. Set yourself reminders to get back on track.

Rest and Relaxation

Looking after our physical health is just as important as our mental health, we need to take a holistic approach. We may have the greatest plans in place but they will be much easier to achieve if we have the energy.

All Together

I quite often use the hashtag #StrongerTogether. When we unite and make the most of our connections, we can achieve so much more. There is another old saying that ‘Money makes the world go around’ when actually, our relationships do.

Make the time to meet new people and work out how you can help each other. It may not be straight away, it could be weeks, months or even in years to come. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

Be a connector, it’s absolutely joyous being able to introduce people and to see a new relationship flourish.

Share your knowledge as this solidifies learning in your mind and when we are all more informed, we are able to be stronger together.


When you make progress, when you achieve your goals, take the time to celebrate, you deserve it! Life is there to be enjoyed and we should take the time to stop and pat ourselves on the back. Not only that, our brains love to be rewarded. It’s all to do with dopamine and neurons that essentially start firing and wiring together which boosts you and your brain to prepare for more success.

But not only yourself, celebrate others, why not want the best for other people! You’ll find that when you celebrate others, you start to feel happier yourself.


To come full circle, take the time to reflect and evaluate. Are your plans still working for you? If not make new plans.

Let’s take the time to #NeverStopLearning about ourselves but at the same time, let’s not forget to enjoy the view. 

Paula and her executive, Sid Madge, talk more about the wonderful world of OPPORTUNITY in their September 2022 Meee Moments Newsletter. Meee exists to inspire everyone, everywhere, every day to Find, Live and Give their Magic.