What ignites your soul? And feeds your mind.

Emily Newstead brings joy to our lives…

I recently watched the most AMAZING video of a group of students singing as a choir, with an artist who has written an incredible song.

You can view the video here, and see for yourselves. Watch right through until the end as well, the experience is wonderful.

At last count, it was at 32 million views. That’s a lot of people who have connected with it, which is quite the impact! I must have watched it at least 10 times myself… and it gets more and more beautiful each time.

So why do some things really connect with us, and go ‘viral’ on an emotional level around the world?

Well, what moves me in this video – is on a soul level. It is the unity of the children, their happiness and the authenticity of the video itself. The children express themselves beautifully, and look to be at-one with what they are doing. At the end of the video, you learn how it really blew the artist away. The artist goes on to say how it was one of the best days of his life. It’s moved him too.

What ignites your soul? What motivates your mind and what inspires you?

I love that feeling when your heart feels lighter, and you can’t stop smiling when an experience is as true and honest – as the day is long. The tension is gone from your shoulders and all you feel is pure joy.

The more I allow myself to explore the wondrous positive corners of life, I am enriched by such experiences, and I realise there is much to be thankful and grateful for.

And inspiration can come from both sides of the coin…

As well as being moved by positivity, the same is true of the contrary.

News from around the world, updates us on a daily basis of what isn’t always going so well in all 4 corners of the globe. News that is saddening, negative or damaging can actually go on to ignite something in our soul, just as a positive experience does.

It can ignite the passion we have for other people, and cause us to feel something from a different perspective.

That’s because, in truth, both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ experiences can create a connection, and have an impact on us in equal measures. This happens whether we experience it first hand, or learn of it through other platforms, such as ‘the news’.

The highest ‘highs’ and the lowest ‘lows’ can be the single moment that brings about a new sense of purpose. In these moments, we make decisions – for change.

Our minds can be inspired from one end of the spectrum to the other. From the actions of a young child – helping to fundraise, to the immense devastation of a natural disaster effecting millions. Both have the ability to invoke an emotional response from us.

Therefore, when we realise that both positive and negative experiences have the power to equally inspire us, ignite our soul, motivate us, or develop a sense of purpose, we are reminded to look beyond the obvious.

It is through this trail of thought that I became more aware of a certain principle. The principle that there are always 2 viewpoints from which we can learn, in order to bring about growth.

I’ve considered the reason for this principle, and deducted that it is to bring about ‘balance’.

In the same way that nature ‘pairs’ most things, such as day and night, life and death, summer and winter, maybe our minds, bodies and souls also need the same nourishment.

And just as our wedding vows are made, we say, in sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, for better or for worse… and so on.

When we recognise the ‘ying’ AND the ‘yang’, in our day to day life, maybe we stand to be even more fulfilled and balanced in what we do.

Here are some examples of my own.

I loved sport and art at school, where two apposing temperaments are required. I loved the fierce nature of a fast paced game, with the competitive spirit to win and roar! And equally I loved the experience of the art exam, adding up to 8 hours of pure silence (I’m sure the teacher did too!) The peace and tranquility of it all was blissful and I enjoyed the calm and silence of it all.

Equally, I love to be in the company of many people and throw myself deep in to the thick of it all. But in the reverse, I love to be entirely removed, and be on my own, not speaking, without pressure, providing myself with the feeling of utter contentment in my own company and space.

And just as the dizzy heights of the New York City scrappers blow my mind, so do the calm streams and meandering paths within nature.

I feel very self aware and content, now knowing that I operate best when I am the sum of 2 parts.

Maybe this is also why it’s important to have fulfilling relationships in our lives too. We need our ‘partner in crime’ as it were! Enjoying the companionship of one another, and equally, we need spaces in our togetherness. I think this is what we can embody as ‘balance’.

I mean heck, I love carrots and broccoli and also a takeaway, but I need a blend of everything, otherwise I might not be a well person if I only ate one type of food!

Where it all began…

The video at the start of this article, positively made my heart sing – in seeing such a wonderful performance, leaving me feeling a sense of joy from this experience. And only last night, I was moved by something that saddened me, and it inspired me to bring about change. I will be pledging my time, and setting out my plan to help with loneliness in my community.

Therefore, I think it is in the understanding of balance, and the opening of our eyes to see what can be ‘felt’ and encouraged on the back of an experience, we may allow ourselves the possibility for wider engagement and involvement in life, when we see both sides of the coin. I hope that you find the experiences and opportunities in your day-to-day life that ignite the soul and feed the mind. Stay blessed.