Assistants’ training : so many benefits…

PAs, EAs and administrators are the backbone of an organisation; they enable their company’s success …..


And yet, so often, managers receive training and the support staff don’t…


How you can benefit from your training : 

  • new knowledge and skills that will be yours for life
  • an excellent understanding of your role
  • enhanced career prospects
  • reduced negative stress
  • enriched working relationships
  • keep ahead of changes in technology and working practice
  • be of immense value to your organisation
  • become a leader; an innovator
  • self-confidence from knowledge
  • job satisfaction
  • excellent time management
  • talent to develop and evolve
  • networking opportunities


How your organisation, your manager(s), your colleagues and your clients can benefit from your training : 

  • effective staff
  • proactive employees
  • excellent customer service and satisfaction and thus increased repeat business
  • creates a good reputation and new clients
  • skills can be transferred to others in the organisation
  • reduced negative stress
  • exceptional systems
  • confident staff                                                           
  • motivated staff through appreciation                                 
  • increased commitment from employees       
  • less time wastage
  • a competitive advantage                                  
  • safer environment
  • reduced costs
  • high staff retention
  • exceptional internal and external communications
  • outstanding quality and productivity 


How I can help you : 

  • benefit of my 22 years’ experience as a secretary and PA
  • benefit of my 24 years’ experience as a specialist PA/administrative trainer
  • benefit of my continuing professional development, such as being an NLP practitioner, TAP certificate in virtual delivery
  • wide range of specific topics at all levels
  • discussion based sessions to ensure relevance to delegates’ personal situations
  • facilitating group discussions to share excellent working practice
  • tailored courses for organisations’ specific requirements
  • one to one sessions
  • short coaching sessions to reflect on specifics (typically 2 hours)
  • online training
  • online on-demand training options
  • books on PA advanced skills, speedwriting, minute taking and business writing
  • sessions can be tailored to your industry
  • opportunities to compile action plans and set goals to ensure success
  • a passion and enthusiasm for enabling people to excel