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The Exceptional PA

The ideal EA/PA will be proactive, professional and aware of the mission, strategy and objectives of the manager and the organisation. They are decision-makers and action-takers and they know how to work successfully with management and colleagues.



Baker Thompson Associates can ensure that PAs obtain the skills required to make that transition to a higher level. Individual's needs are taken into account, as are specific issues in each organisation.


(filmed in 2014)


Areas that could be covered include:

  • the art of communication
  • be appropriately assertive
  • work with confidence
  • be effective in a stressful environment
  • emotional intelligence
  • interpersonal skills - you will be taught NLP techniques to build successful relationships and avoid conflict with difficult people
  • how to work effectively with modern technology
  • use social media for your organisation and for your own development
  • modern business etiquette
  • lead and create a productive partnership with your manager
  • time management under pressure
  • organisational skills
  • understand techniques for prioritising
  • acquire business acumen
  • develop leadership techniques
  • understand emotional intelligence
  • the importance and impact of successful networking
  • set goals for your role and your life

Each session is tailored to the delegates' requirements and groups are always small to ensure enough personal attention.  We ensure you go back to work with techniques that will really enhance your working practice and working relationships.




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Some comments from the online training sessions:

"Heather was wonderful and brought a unique energy to this training. She engaged with our group and made us feel heard. The content is relevant and interesting; I especially enjoyed that she asked us to implement action plans - allowing us to create goals from the day's learnings. Thank you Heather!"


Here’s what a couple of delegates felt after taking our Effective PA Masterclass:

"Heather was very helpful. She listened carefully to my individual concerns and provided the correct advice and training to overcome them. All my questions were answered, in fact, having anticipated a lot of them, she was very well prepared. Heather is extremely personable. I always felt comfortable with her and found her methods and comments encouraging. She is extremely professional, a good role model."

Bespoke PA training on behalf of Liverpool Football Club


"Heather has a wealth of experience in her field and is able to share valuable knowledge, hints and tips to people at all stages of their career and development. She is an excellent presenter and I've never experienced anything less than the highest quality training from her both personally and for my team."

Chris Butland, Sovini


A lovely email today : "Thank you so much for the Exceptional PA development day. I really enjoyed attending, I found real value in the content and it has given me plenty to think about and change. I’ve had a couple of the ladies email me to tell me they’ll be having a chat with their Leaders very soon, I’ve already had one with one of my Leaders and I’ve put more structure and planning around my day.

Thanks once again."