• Taking notes in meetings

Successful minute taking

Would you rather throw yourself downstairs than take minutes at a meeting? You are not alone…

Baker Thompson Associates can enable you to understand the skills that are required to be an effective minute taker and we will help you create an action plan to develop those skills and prepare to take minutes successfully and confidently.






There is so much more to it than taking notes ........

This course complements the speedwriting course. Special rates can be arranged for booking both.

Please visit our ‘Products’ page to discover more about BakerWrite. This easy-to-master, 21st century speedwriting system, created by Heather, is a real winner - thousands of people have learned the benefits and not just in the context of the office!

It’s based on a simple system using shorthand techniques and only using letters of the English alphabet – so no lines or squiggles to master!

Most people can learn the system within a few hours and become totally proficient in a matter of weeks.

* BakerWrite – also available as an affordable programme online.

Call or email us now to discuss your specific requirements and to see how we can enable you to create professional minutes.




Today's Manchester minute takers

Posted by Heather Baker at Baker Thompson Associates on Friday, 26 June 2015





Here’s some sample feedback to our ever-popular Meetings & minute taking course:

"A quick line to say that the session on “How to take minutes” this morning was amazing. Interactive, very useful and helpful. Heather is brilliant and ever so knowledgeable. I have taken away a lot of best practice and top tips to better myself."

In-house delegate, Cambridgeshire


"I'll be honest: when I signed up to a day's worth of training on minuting I wondered if I'd gone mad. It is not exactly the easiest subject to teach and to make engaging, yet you succeeded in both tasks with aplomb. The day was very varied with just the right amount of time spent on each task which made it feel like a real journey of interactive learning throughout the day rather than just being bombarded with slides."

Delegate, Manchester




"Hi Heather
I just wanted to thank you again for the brilliant session you ran yesterday. It was very informative and enjoyable and everyone I spoke with said how much they enjoyed it. I feel sure everyone will feel more confident in the future when asked to take minutes.

Ann Errington, Regional Co-ordinator for the North West Institute of Professional Administrators (IPA)
Executive Secretary at BAe Systems

"The School has seen a vast improvement of minute taking since staff attended Heather Baker's minute taking session. This has been crucial for the forthcoming audits and we are very grateful to Heather. Staff have commented that instructions and presentation were good and it was a fun session with lots of useful material."

Sheila Furmedge, ASIS and Staff Development Manager
University of Huddersfield

"It was a really clear, structured course. Good pace (kept to the agenda!!). Good to leave a course and feel like I can truly apply what I've learnt to my role."

Minute taking for the National Audit Office

Hi Heather,

Just to say thank you again, for the wonderful course you delivered on ‘minute taking’.

It makes such a difference, when the presenter has clearly spent years doing the job, they are discussing.

I certainly feel much more confident now, in taking the minutes at meetings.

Kind regards.


"Thank you for your email, and for the great training yesterday. 

We were very grateful for the opportunity to take part in your course yesterday – I can see why most of the sessions are fully booked!

I can honestly say it’s the best training course I’ve ever been on.  You made a subject which could have been very boring interesting and engaging.

Both Janine and I have taken a lot away from the day that we will be able to apply in our roles."

Manchester assistants