• Speedwriting


if thr sn't enuf tim 2 lrn a s/h systm, hw abt ....

If there isn't enough time to learn a shorthand system, how about spending just one day learning BakerWrite speedwriting, an easy to learn, adaptable and invaluable skill based on the principles above (but with lots of extra tricks!)?



This course goes well with the minute taking course; a special rate can be offered if both sessions are booked.

Heather has written a book outlining the basics of BakerWrite.

If you attend one of the courses you could receive a free copy… hop onto our ‘Products’ page to take a look





Here’s a clutch of happy BakerWrite grads commenting on the impact the system has made to their workaday worlds:

‘This was the best course I have ever attended.’

‘I learnt a lot and will be able to put it into practice straightaway.’

Speedwriting for the National Audit Office

"Your training technique, coupled with your personal work experience and natural inspiration, gave the speedwriting course great value, personally to me. Now that I have the tools, I just need to practice! practice! practice!

thnk u v mc"

Heidi Tradelius-King, Executive PA to CEO, Louvre Group