• assertive


Assertiveness is the art of communicating your opinions, beliefs, feelings and wants in a direct, honest and non-aggressive way.

Assertiveness means respecting your own wishes and the wishes of others.

PAs, administrators and receptionists so often need to be assertive to deal with tricky situations in the work place and also to ensure good working relationships with colleagues and clients.

It's not about being "bossy", it's about dealing with people in a professional manner, no matter how difficult they may be.

Baker Thompson Associates can help with the individual's particular situations.

Here's what they say about our Assertiveness training:

"Heather is very knowledgeable and, as I have said previously, it is good to have a trainer who we can relate to and fully understands the individual situations we experience having been a PA/secretary herself."

Bespoke assertiveness skills for RiverStone Management Limited