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To get you started… this section of our website highlights a variety of topics/themes that regularly crop up and form essential elements of our learning sessions.

Whether it’s PA Masterclasses or the all-important ‘Meetings and minute taking’; getting to grips with ‘Proof-reading’ or how best to overcome the challenges of a new job or promotion… Heather and her team can guide you every step of the way.

Our aim is always to ensure your organisation’s success and to support your personal development and career advancement by acquiring fresh and effective skills.

We invite you to view course sketches below as a ‘menu’ of choices.


The Exceptional PA
The ideal PA will be proactive, professional and aware of the mission, strategy and objectives of the manager and the organisation. They are decision-makers and action-takers and they know how to work successfully with management and colleagues.
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Successful minute taking
Would you rather throw yourself downstairs than take minutes at a meeting? You are not alone…
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Chair brilliant meetings
Are you or is your manager trying to run meetings without really knowing how to?
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Secretaries' workshop
Starting work for the first time in an administrative role can be overwhelming. There seem to be so many issues to be aware of, so many tasks to carry out - and all the while maintaining a happy face!
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If there isn't enough time to learn a shorthand system, how about spending just one day learning BakerWrite speedwriting, an easy to learn, adaptable and invaluable skill based on the principles above (but with lots of extra tricks!)?
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Business writing skills
Impressions of your company are given by the letters, emails and reports that are sent out.
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Baker Thompson Associates Limited can ensure delegates are aware of techniques and how to avoid common mistakes.
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21st Century PAs and Administrators
The traditional role of PAs and secretaries is constantly changing, and many of the basic skills are still essential. Managers continue to require assistants who enable them to be successful.
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Assertiveness is the art of communicating your opinions, beliefs, feelings and wants in a direct, honest and non-aggressive way.
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Benefiting from change
This session is for PAs, secretarial and administrative staff whose companies are in the throes of, or anticipating, change such as mergers, redundancies, expansion, etc.
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Confidence building
One of the main problems facing PAs and administrators can be a lack of confidence; this may seriously impede a person's progress in their role.
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English grammar
Over recent decades students have been hindered by schemes in schools which ignored the importance of English grammar. Consequently, many firms now contact Baker Thompson Associates Limited to help their workforce with the basic rules of English.
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Image and presentation
The importance of the image and presentation of the receptionist, administrator or PA cannot be emphasised enough. They are usually the first impression of your organisation that your clients and visitors will get. How they look and interact is of the utmost importance.
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Productive partnerships
The Manager and the Assistant do the same job and have the same objectives — they simply deal with different aspects of achieving those objectives.
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Presentation skills
Nowadays administrators and PAs are often required to give presentations to colleagues or management - this can be very daunting. We’re not all born performers. Speaking in public doesn’t come naturally to everyone.
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Reception skills
A welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable receptionist enhances a company's reputation.
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Over recent years there has been a myth that shorthand is no longer required by PAs. However, Baker Thompson Associates Limited is frequently asked to provide training both for beginners and for refreshers.
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Skills for the new administrator
Starting work for the first time in an administrative role can be overwhelming. There seem to be so many issues to be aware of, so many tasks to carry out - and all while maintaining a happy face!
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Telephone techniques
The telephone is an important source of communication for a company and its clients and can be the first contact in so many cases.
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Time management
Q : How do you eat an elephant?
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Touch typing
Keyboard skills are now essential for every office worker. Being able to touch type means efficiency is manifoldly improved.
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One to one coaching
Every PA role is different - organisations vary, managers have different styles - PAs are very different. Group courses are an excellent way to learn from other people and share good practice but sometimes a one to one session to discuss your specific issues can be just what you need.
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Open Sessions
Check back soon for latest details of when and where we are hosting our next round of Open Sessions.
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Simple, easy-to-follow… this is shorthand relevant for the 21st century
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As an acknowledged expert in her field, Heather Baker, our company founder, is also a published author and the creator of the BakerWrite speedwriting system – shorthand for the 21st century – now widely available through Pitman Training.

Two of her books, ‘Successful Minute Taking : Meeting the Challenge’ and ‘Successful Business Writing’ will appeal not simply to PAs and Administrators but to ANYONE who has ever been faced with trying to communicate effectively in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven, business environment.

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