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" I practised my 250 words every morning for two weeks and, I can tell you, not only do I now take a lot of very good, useable notes, but it has forced me to pay attention to the quality of my handwriting again.

A very successful exercise."


Fantastic Speedwriting training from @BakerThompsonAL today at @STDU_UoM. Highly recommended - I'm now a speedwriting ninja!


— Rachel Oelbaum (@pint_sized_one) March 27, 2015



BakerWrite speedwriting was conceived around 2004, by Heather Baker, in response to the need for an easy-to-learn and easy-to-transcribe system.
It’s great - based around shorthand techniques – but it’s more than just a new twist on an old favourite.

BakerWrite uses only letters of the English alphabet – no lines or squiggles to master!

It can be learnt in just a few hours and mastered within weeks.

So often people take notes in meetings or lectures and then, guess what? When they come to read them back, they can't remember what their abbreviations mean - sound familiar?

This is because they have no structure to their note taking; they make up an abbreviation on the spot, and under pressure, and then, next day, have no clue what they meant.
With BakerWrite speedwriting you will have a structure to your note taking; when you hear a word you’ll know what your abbreviation is, you will write that and then – hey presto! - be able to transcribe it next day.
This system is extremely flexible - there are guidelines and really only one rule. BakerWrite speedwriting enables you to create a structure that works for you.
The basics are similar to most other speedwriting systems - and texting! However, as you become more advanced you will learn how to use letters in a specific way to represent common prefixes and suffixes.
You will be aware of techniques to shorten words you use regularly.
You will learn how the occasional use of vowels can help transcription.
You will discover ways to abbreviate compound words.
Feel in control.
Find a real edge when it comes to note taking for work or study. 

Here an illustration of how BakerWrite speedwriting looks in your notepad... 

There are now thousands of happy BakerWriters around the world

"The best things about this event were the enthusiasm of the teacher, the fact it was interactive and the helpful information. It was an excellent course; clear, concise and really enjoyable and I would recommend it to others. This course could not be improved, it was brill!"
"The speedwriting trainer was informative, relaxed and helpful. Excellent. She was very helpful, enthusiastic and approachable. She made the topic more fun and less scary. All the examples really helped and brought it to life."
"BakerWrite is the easiest shorthand system I have come across. Having studied all the major shorthand systems and even other speedwriting courses, I find BakerWrite a sheer delight."

"I will use this system all the time."

"Your system is so easy to learn and use."
"I will recommend this course to everyone who takes notes."


BakerWrite licensed training organisations include :

  • Pitman Training Group, UK
  • Liverpool John Moores University, UK
  • Guernsey College of Further Education, Channel Islands
  • Joanna Gutmann Training, UK
  • Maddy Harsant of the Oxford English Academy, South Africa
  • Activity Group, UK
  • All Things Admin, USA & Canada



FAQ’s: Frequently asked questions
Have you a question? You should find the answer here, but if not please call the team on +44(0)161 477 7144 or email us and we’ll get right back to you. Sign up for our E-newsletter and you’ll be the first to know about new products and services, latest trends in business communication and details of our events.

Q: How do I get my hands on Heather’s speedwriting book? Is it in my local book shop?
A: Hopefully in book shops soon, but, in the meantime, you can buy direct from Amazon or UoLearn…. Except for American Express, we accept all credit cards
Q: I want to start today. Is BakerWrite available to study online?
A: Yes, start today, work at your own pace and at whatever time suits you. Here’s how… we offer BakerWrite online speedwriting training in association with Livescribe smartpens. Watch the video (opposite/above/below) to learn more and then just click on "add to bag" and you will be underway immediately. You’ll receive a password and you will then have at least 2 months' access to a filmed training session and you can follow the course online whenever you like, any day, any time and wherever you like when you have internet access. Just dip in and out, go back over areas you want to repeat. This session is actually presented by Heather herself.
Q: Tell me more. What’s included in the online video guide to help me get to grips with mastering the BakerWrite speedwriting system?
A: Heather, will introduce the course, you will learn new words and have time to practise them. You will be given dictation and shown suggested answers and you will be given tips on how to write even more quickly. Starting with the basics you will soon progress to techniques using phonetics, clever ways with vowels, prefixes and suffixes (common beginnings and endings to words). You will finish with some advanced dictation and the opportunity to formulate your own action plan for your continuing development.
Q: What else is included?
A: Included in the price you will receive a free electronic copy of "Speedwriting" by Heather Baker which, as well as giving you answers to the final dictations, gives you even more exercises, examples and tips.

Q: What’s the cost for your E-learning session and what payment methods do you accept?
A: Payment is just £80 sterling (about US$106) and made via secure Paypal service
Q: Is the BakerWrite system available in languages other than English?
A: There has been so much interest in BakerWrite that we are currently working on versions in other languages, including French and Arabic.
Q: How can I book to attend one of Heather’s BakerWrite speedwriting workshops?
A: Open Courses are run occasionally, but, most people request personalised courses for their company so all the vocabulary and dictation is based on their specific needs and they can take advantage of reduced rates.