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Heather's books are based on the courses she facilitates around the world.

Her first book,"Speedwriting" was published when her BakerWrite speedwriting system became so very popular.  It was then picked up by Pitman Training and they used Heather's book to offer BakerWrite speedwriting in all their UK franchises.

There are now many other licensed BakerWrite training providers around the world.

This is not a minute taking book (see later) this is purely a book to teach you how to take notes in meetings, lectures, on the 'phone or anywhere.

You can study at your own pace and when it suits you.  You can buy a paper book or an electronic version.

You can also learn BakerWrite online.  You get instant access to a video training session presented by Heather - and you receive a FREE electronic copy of the book.


The Exceptional PA
Times have changed enormously since the "tea and typing" days of the assistant. PAs and EAs are now strategic business partners and emotionally intelligent leaders who work with their managers to achieve their objectives for the success of the organisation.
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Successful Business Writing
Dramatic changes in technology in the workplace mean we write so much more than we used to. It is vital to be able to express ourselves in a professional manner.
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Speedwriting Skills Training Course
Most people need a note taking system for work or study, but few people have the time or inclination to send a year or two learning shorthand. BakerWrite speedwriting enables you to learn a new system in a matter of hours and become proficient within weeks.
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Successful Minute Taking: Meeting The Challenge
I'd rather throw myself downstairs ... That was how I used to feel about minute taking; this book is for those among you who feel the same. Learn the skills you need to be an excellent meeting secretary.
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Publications and Downloads
Heather is the best-selling author of three business communications books which are available in hard copy or as electronic versions. All Heather's books are available in both UK and US English versions. She also presents the BakerWrite speedwriting online training package.
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Heather's next book was "Successful Minute Taking : meeting the challenge". This book is aimed at anyone who takes notes in meetings (although it is also helpful to attendees and chairpeople too).

It looks at the issues that really worry minute takers - how to understand what is being discussed, working with the chairperson, what information to include and much more.

This book is also the basis for the Pitman Training self-study programme.

Heather's most recent book is "Successful Business Writing". This covers all the issues anyone in business needs to know to produce effective and persuasive emails, letters, reports, etc.

It also covers proofreading and includes a section on minute taking.

With all 3 books you have everything you need.