• Cognac Hine chais

Visiting former colleagues

What a delight to revisit Cognac Hine

During a recent holiday in France, Heather revisited Cognac Hine where she was PA to the Directeur Commercial, Jacques Hine.

Although it has been many years since she left, there were a few former colleagues still there and she also met up with colleagues who have moved on to other companies.

Heather says, "It was such a pleasure to see everyone again.  There have been a lot of changes to the buildings and office space, but it was still recognisable! Cognac Hine is currently celebrating its 250th anniversary and so I was given a lovely tour of the "chais" to see the specially created carafes and the exhibition. They have also refurbished the private rooms, which look vibrant."

Heather and her husband also met up with some of his former rugby team mates, many of whom work, or worked, for Courvoisier.

 Heather says, "It was such a pleasure to see everyone again".

There are more photos at the company Facebook page.

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