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Autumn 2021 : articles, photos, news and an offer 


Summer 2021 : articles, photos and news


Spring 2021 : articles, photos and news 


Winter 2020 : articles, photos and news


Autumn 2020 : articles, photos and news


Summer 2020 : articles, photos and news  


Lockdown special (April 2020) : articles, photos and news


Spring 2020 : articles, photos and news


Winter 2019 : four THREE guest articles (here is Annabel's article)


Autumn 2019 : with FOUR guest articles


Summer 2019 : with guest articles, photos and news


Spring 2019 : with guest articles, an offer, photos and news


Christmas 2018 : with a guest article from Diana Brandl, an offer from Manchester Airport, photos and news


September 2018 : with guest articles from Kate Steward, Paula Harding and Linda Frith plus lots of photos, news and other useful items


Summer 2018 : with guest articles from Garth Delikan and information on how your organisation can help the Prince's Trust.  Plus LOTS of photos!


Spring 2018 : with guest articles from RoseMarie Terenzio, Cancer Research UK and Jane Wass.  A hotel offer and lots of photos.


December 2017 : with articles on health in the workplace and photos of groups from Heather's tour of 3 continents and 2 seasons! (4 continents if you count the stopover in Dubai to visit Ailsa!)


Autumn 2017 : with articles on visa/passport photos and what to expect from a high quality chauffeur service, plus an offer for Executive Secretary LIVE in Washington DC


Summer 2017 with articles on cyber security and a free travel tool and an offer for Executive Secretary LIVE in Auckland


Spring 2017 with articles and offers


December 2016  with an offer for Executive Secretary LIVE in London and articles by Jane Luca, Chair of Women of the Year, and Andy Cosslett, Business Executive and Chairman.


September 2016 with articles from Lindsey Agness of the Change Corporation/Age With Attitude, writing on limiting beliefs, and Libby Moore, former Chief of Staff to Oprah Winfrey, shares her experiences.


Summer 2016 with a guest contributor


 Spring 2016 with an opportunity to help people to train as PAs in South Africa


November 2015 with offers from The Training Foundation, BubbleGum Balloons and Executive Secretary LIVE in Johannesburg


August 2015 with offers from Attavanti luxury accessories and Executive Secretary Live in Dubai November


May 2015 with offers from Red Letter Days, The Perfume Studio and Executive Secretary Live in Dubai November


February 2015 with an offer from Boux Avenue lingerie and Executive Secretary Live


November 2014 with an offer from Ryman's stationery


August 2014 with an offer to buy a half price Livescribe Smartpen. 


May 2014 with a chance to win a Livescribe Smartpen


February 2014 with a £100 discount for Executive Secretary Live


November 2013 with a special offer from Ryman's stationery 


 August 2013 - the introductory newsletter


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