• Executive Secretary LIVE Johannesburg gala dinner

Johannesburg February 2016

Executive Secretary LIVE

Heather was delighted to be invited back to speak at Executive Secretary LIVE ... this time in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This amazing conference organised by Lucy Brazier of Executive Secretary Magazine made its debut in South Africa.

Fabulous venue, great events, inspirational speakers and great fun!

Most moving was meeting the ladies who have been awarded bursaries by the Isipho organisation.  A team of PAs who raise money to help South Africa people, who may otherwise not have had the opportunity, to train to be PAs.  Here is the Isipho team:


All organisations can get involved ... find out more.



Not a dry eye in the house as Florence Katono tells her story and shares her incredible poem at LIVE, Johannesburg

To many, I am the beauty on the other side on the desk. I am no more than a mannequin.

To their visual vulgarity, I am the office charmer.


To some, I am a nothing doer.

To others, I am an extension of the furniture. “There is nobody in your office Sir, only your P.A”, they say.

To others, I am the punch bag, pouring all frustrations on me.

To the extent possible, I am their status symbol. “I have a P.A in my office, they boast.

I am a seasoned professional extending a service to nations.

I am buried in mundane tasks yet I can afford a smile.

I am the gate keeper, pilot, pacesetter, travel planner, events manager. Truly unsung hero!

I share my imperfection to make others better. Their happiness means the world to me

I cry, I muse and yet I extend an olive branch to many

I am a professional, I am intentional

I am backstage producing award winning executives

I am a producer of life changing events

I am a starter, I am a finisher

I am strongest in my being; I am a professional


And thanks to Dennis Schwartz for all his fantastic photos!