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Top class chauffeur services

Chauffeur Service? Less stress, more productivity

“Why did you book that idiot driver? Couldn’t find my house, eventually did, late, and by then we were in the thick of the rush hour so took forever. Thirty-five minutes late for a seriously important meeting and really embarrassed!

I’ve enough on, thanks. Don’t need that!”

Like most EAs, PAs and VAs, you almost certainly arrange travel for your boss or bosses. And when you do you put your head on the block. If all goes smoothly you may (or may not?) get a “thank you”, but if there are any glitches…………

Good, professional chauffeur services can be of enormous help in an executive’s life, and that of his or her assistant. If the driver is always waiting outside when they should be, always courteous, helpful and immaculately presented, and drives skilfully and safely and yet doesn’t dawdle, it takes a load of stress from your boss’s shoulders, and from yours.

In the car, clients keep on top of their calls and emails. They take part in virtual meetings knowing that they cannot be overheard (as they would be on a train) and certain that their driver will always maintain the highest levels of confidentiality. They know that the car and driver will always be there the minute they are needed and will be totally flexible. There will be no delayed trains, no late arriving taxis.

There will be much more productivity and much less stress.

A good chauffeur will work with you to plan the day, agreeing on realistic travel schedules and delivering on them. They will have taken time to plan routes and will know exactly where they are going, even down to what the gates of that factory in the middle of some huge, dismal industrial estate look like, so that they can drive straight up to the right entrance without hesitation or delay.

Your boss does not need their chauffeur leaning out of the window asking passers-by where to find the destination. We know it happens but it’s not professional.

And it goes further. We see ourselves as much more than simply drivers. Clients’ journeys need to be as comfortable and as productive as they can be, with all the important details in place: Drinks, cables to charge mobiles and iPads, mains power for laptops, tissues and wipes, umbrellas, magazines and a fresh newspaper. We can lend a mobile if one has been forgotten, provide pillows and rugs for early and late journeys and a bag of toiletries, including pain killers. We even carry spare tights!

A professional chauffeur will also take real care of the relationship he has with his passengers. Sometimes clients like peace and quiet to work or sleep; at others they like to talk. We are sensitive to the differences and respond accordingly. You’d be surprised how often clients confide in us but, of course, we’d never repeat a single word of what we might hear.

We take the greatest care to keep all our clients safe but we have special procedures for our female customers. Members of Maiden Voyage, we have adopted specific policies. For example, when we drop you off we won’t drive away until we know you are safely inside, and if we meet you for the first time somewhere like an airport we can set up passwords so that you know you have the right driver.

At your destination your chauffeur will, of course, come round and open the door for you. Don’t be surprised though if he or she then turns away. No, we are not being rude. We may be making sure you have space on a crowded pavement to step out into, and we know that it’s not always easy to get out of a car elegantly so we are deliberately shielding you and discretely looking away.

A good chauffeur will also be personable and will represent your business professionally. You may need to send them to pick up important guests at airports and hotels, for example, and need to be sure that they will confidently be taken care of with courtesy and respect. For a meeting sign we use an iPad – much smarter than a crumpled sheet of paper – and if possible will use your logo. These details are important.

Several major manufacturers, including BMW, Jaguar and Audi, make cars suitable for chauffeur work but the Mercedes S Class is universally accepted as the best in this category.
Autocar magazine said:

“Where the Mercedes-Benz S-Class leads, the rest of the car-making world follows.
State of the art in every way. Suave, rich, relaxing and supremely fit for purpose.”

and the Daily Telegraph wrote:
“The Mercedes S-Class is the best luxury car on sale today. It’s quieter, classier and more comfortable than rivals, and comes bristling with technology.”


Our cars are deep, glossy black with cream leather interior, a panoramic sunroof, blinds all round, reclining, heated and ventilated rear seats and acres of legroom. Almost new and totally immaculate, we carry a vac and cleaning cloths to keep on top of that over the longest of days.

Harrogate Chauffeurs are based in Yorkshire and we work throughout the UK. We have an introductory offer in two parts:

• A couple of hours of free luxury car and driver time for any PA, EA or VA who can persuade us that they are genuinely interested in booking with us regularly, so that you can see at first-hand what you would be buying for your boss. We know that you need to be totally confident in the service you are booking.
and then

• A 50% discount for your first booking, so that your boss can experience the service for themselves