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Take great photos for passports and visas

Hi, I wanted to share with you some information

that could be of use to anyone in need of a visa or passport photo.

Tips on how to take your own photo:

  • Find a plain white, magnolia or off-white wall and check that there are no shadows on your face. If you have shadow, try using a flash on your camera or phone.
  1. There should be a neutral expression; make sure there is no hair covering any part of your face and best to remove glasses.
  2. Ensure there is about 30cm of space above your head so the image can be cropped to size.

Now you have your image you will need is to get it printed or sized ready for a online application. At http://markburnsphoto.co.uk/passport-and-visa-photos/ I can check that your images will meet the required specifications so that you can be sure that your image will be accepted.