• mistakes

I have made mistakes

in my working life; I am sure most of us have.

However, I have never made them on purpose, to hurt anyone or to cause problems.

They were mistakes.  I learnt from them and didn’t make them again.  I apologised when appropriate.

Some mistakes were my reactions to other people’s mistakes; I could have chosen a different reaction – had I known better.

The majority of times people were kind and understanding.  They worked with me to find solutions and avoid mistakes recurring.  They assumed no malice on my part.

This built my confidence, encouraged teamwork and means I am better placed to help others in similar situations.

There was, however, the one person who shouted at me, criticised me, belittled me.  It hurt, but, because of the kind people, I can now put this down to experience and feel simply sadness for the bully.

A true leader understands nobody is perfect and encourages others to aim high.  Through appreciation, encouragement and communication, people will make fewer mistakes.