• believe in yourself

Create positive perceptions

Sadly, people can have negative perceptions of those in PA/admin roles

What we mustn't do is reinforce those negative perceptions with our behaviour.

"So, I like told him that it was like really difficult to like to do that task."


One of the most simple ways to ensure we create positive perceptions is making small changes to the way we express ourselves. Over the next few days, try replacing phrases you may use similar to those on the left with ones similar to those on the right :

I’m just a secretary

I’m a secretary

I kinda work as a PA

I work as a PA
So, you know, it’s like kinda hard to be assertive

It’s not easy being assertive

Sorry, could I just give you a message

Excuse me, I have a message for you
We have a little meeting of all the PAs

We have a PAs’ meeting

The girls in the office

The women I work with

Sorry, I just thought it'd be OK

I thought it was right at the time



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