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Arrange your manager's travel

You have arranged a meeting away from the office. This is in the diary and now you have to make the arrangements for your manager to get to this meeting.

Always ensure you’ve allowed enough time in the diary for your manager to get to the meeting location.

By car

• Does your manager need a hire car – check all requirements if so?
• Check the location on a good up to date, large scale map or on the internet. Invest in sat nav if not already in the car!
• Plan the route from the start of the journey to the destination – if you are unsure travel organisations such as the AA can help or you could use a computer software package or website that plots routes for you – www.multimap.com, www.mapquest.co.uk or www.googlemaps.com .
• You then need to estimate or get advice on how long the journey will take – check radio/internet/TV/travel organisations for any roadworks, weather problems or other expected delays.
• Is overnight accommodation required?
• Are there places to stop for meals if required?
• Are there parking facilities where required and are passes/permits needed? How much?

By rail

• Check times and whether or not trains are direct
• What services are available on the train?
• Does your manager travel first or second class?
• Are there discount tickets available if you book in advance?
• Book ticket and reserve a seat as soon as possible
www.thetrainline.com, www.redspottedhanky.com, - search Charity Line trains
• How does your manager get to the station for departure and how does he/she get from the destination station to the meeting location? Is a taxi or hire car required? London underground (is a ticket for this included in the price of the main ticket)? Should your manager invest in an Oyster card? Or a Nol card in Dubai?
• Will someone locally arrange for your manager to be met?
• How far is the meeting location from the railway station?
• Are there any risks of delays that day?

  • Use apps to check platforms, any delays and save printing tickets.

By air

• Do you need to delegate this to a travel agent?

  • Would an app such as Travo make life easier for you?
  • Check flight times, airlines (does your manager have a preference?)
  • Be aware of time differences
  • Use World Time Buddy
  • Does your manager have a valid passport? Are there any issues with stamps from previous trips?
    • What about frequent flyer schemes? Does this include lounge access?
    • Does your manager need a visa? Or vaccinations? (www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk).
    • Order foreign currency and possibly traveller’s cheques (although major credit cards can generally be used anywhere in the world)
    • How will your manager get to the airport? How much does parking cost?
    • Allow time for security checks at the airport and be aware of current requirements
    • Will your manager be met at the airport or do you need to arrange transport at the destination airport? Can someone locally do that for you? Welcoming services are available, for example Marhaba at Dubai International Airport
    • Do you need to arrange hotel accommodation?


No matter where your manager is going it is always a good idea to give her/him a detailed itinerary for each day. You should give timings, locations, names, titles, telephone numbers, names and numbers of taxi firms, flight numbers, seat numbers. Every single detail helps and your manager will have them all at her/his fingertips if they are all on the itinerary.

 Feel free to send me any other suggestions/ tips/ websites, etc