Working with Kidneys for Life

Carol owned her own company for 21 years before she made a complete life-change and started to work for a Charity.

Like everyone else, I was always striving to increase my turnover, increase my market share, increase my profits, improve my staff retention rates and raise the profile of my business.

During my business life I always involved the staff in raising funds for Charity. Without realising it I’d found an excellent way of improving staff retention, strengthening my teams and getting some free local publicity for my hotels and restaurants.


Now that I’m on the opposite side of the fence I like to look for ways that I can work together with a business for the real benefit of both. Working with a Charity can help you to improve all those key factors.

I believe the days of a Charity holding its hand out for a donation are long gone.

There are so many deserving causes out there that charities need to operate in a more corporate-like manner, to deliver reliable customer service, to meet expectations, to provide feedback and monitor results.

I worked with a Salford company for three years at the end of which they credited getting into the “Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For” list largely down to their involvement in fundraising.

How can I help your business? Could you benefit from some PR? Would your staff benefit from some team building or volunteering opportunities? Would you like to improve staff retention rates and increase staff motivation or would you like to get your invoices paid on time? Yes, that’s possible too!

For team building, staff motivation and retention encourage your staff to take part in one of our events. The Kidneys for Life 2016 Events Calendar is really exciting and includes a bespoke China Trek, a Liverpool to Manchester Cycle Ride (from one transplant hospital to another), a Skydive, 15 mile 40th Birthday Walk, 4 Countries in 4 Days Cycle Ride, a children’s Football Competition, the Manchester Run, the Manchester Marathon and a Celebration Birthday Dinner.

However, it’s not always about raising money.

This year I-Com, an award-winning online marketing business in Manchester, shared their professional skills and made Kidneys for Life more proficient at Twitter and Facebook as well as opening their offices on the day of the Manchester Run, to enabling Kidneys for Life to provide on-the-day hospitality for the runners. As a result, all our participants received a better experience: they met consultants, nursing staff and patients, had refreshments and a lovely leg massage after the Run.

Some I-Com clients were taking part in the Run for another, even smaller, Charity so we offered our hospitality to them too.

Do some of your trainees need experience in giving presentations? Let them talk to corporates, Rotary, Lions and other social groups on our behalf. They will help to raise the Charity’s profile and allow a greater understanding of kidney disease.

You might employ someone who’d prefer to help out at the Children’s Transplant Games, taking place in Liverpool in 2016. It’s a valuable experience for children who’ve previously spent huge chunks of their lives on dialysis and in hospital. It’s a great opportunity for them to build up their confidence free from their former restrictions. Supporting them might build up an employees’ confidence too.

If nothing else, I can guarantee they’ll be inspired.

It’s worth a try, it costs you nothing.


 Please get in touch.

Carol Bonham
Corporate Partnerships Manager
E: carol.bonham@kidneysforlife.org
M: 07714864833