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Susan Schofield outlines how this tool works

Itinerary Creation Made Easy

Creating an itinerary can feel like the world’s most complicated jigsaw puzzle.

Think back to the last time you planned a trip. I’m sure you can vividly remember the painstaking process of fitting each piece into its proper place. Picking the best flight, hotel, and rental car options requires you to coordinate 20 different pieces: one for each tab you have to open to compare pricing across different travel agencies and companies. Then, fitting these options in with your traveler’s preferences and loyalty programs. Last, but certainly not least, is fitting all of these pieces within the frame of your traveler’s meetings and events. TRAVO helps solve this problem by consolidating all of these parts into 3 simple pieces: traveler profiles, corporate rates, and living itineraries.


Traveler Profiles

Every traveler piece comes with their own unique dips, divots, and curves. No traveler is the same because every traveler has a list of preferences that makes planning travel for them infinitely harder! TRAVO helps round out these corners with traveler profiles (or as we like to call them, Travoler profiles). Each profile allows you to store all of your traveler’s information in one password-protected location. Profiles include: preferences, loyalty numbers, payment methods, and general information. Traveler information is automatically applied to all future searches on TRAVO. Their preferences will appear prioritized within all search results, their information will automatically be filled at checkout, and loyalty programs will instantly be applied to all booked items.


Exclusive Corporate Rates

We have spent the past year speaking to thousands of admins from around the world and learning what their biggest pain points are when planning travel. The number one pain point, by far, was finding the best rates. Admins are forced to use ill fitting tools to try to find the best prices available. This typically means opening up 20 different tabs to compare pricing across every company and online travel agency. Then, after all of this, admins will go to the airlines directly to book to avoid untrustworthy websites and bad customer service. TRAVO takes these 20 pieces and combines them into one with our exclusive corporate rates. TRAVO offers prices that can be up to 30% off publically available rates. TRAVO not only allows you to compare pricing across all major airlines, hotels, and rental companies, but we also provide you with the best rates available. As an added bonus, we allow you to suggest multiple options to your traveler so you no longer have to create multiple itineraries to compare pricing, timing, and preferences. Suggest multiple options for your traveler, and when they access their living itinerary, they will be able to see additional suggestions and update however they want!


Living Itineraries

The final, and arguably hardest, piece of the puzzle is creating your traveler’s itinerary. Admins spend hours manipulating templates in Excel and Word to create an easy-to-read itinerary that includes booking confirmations, meetings, and drive segments. And that’s just one piece of the puzzle! The next piece, is keeping these itineraries up to date with your traveler’s ever-changing schedule. This is where TRAVO’s living itineraries can help. Every itinerary in TRAVO can change as much as you or your traveler needs. As you plan and book in TRAVO, your itinerary is constantly updating to include confirmation numbers, meeting times, expected traffic, estimated Uber costs, even forecasted weather! You can check out an example of an itinerary here. Itineraries can be opened on your desktop and your mobile phone so your traveler can refer to their itinerary from anywhere in the world and have all of the information they need in their pocket!


We are driven by the goal to help admins plan travel faster because planning trips for other is complicated, frustrating, and time consuming! Our number one priority is, and always will be, helping YOU! And for this reason, TRAVO is completely free: no booking fees, no subscription fees, and no commitments. We want to make sure we are helping you plan travel as fast as possible and would love to hear how we can help! If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us at help@travo.com


You can also sign up for a one-on-one demo here: https://calendly.com/travodemo/travo-demo-bakerthompson



About the Author:

Susan Schofield is the Community Manager for TRAVO, the free trip planner for administrative professionals. She has spent the last year and a half connecting with admins across the world to better understand what they need to plan travel easier. She loves to connect and hear your ideas, so please reach out with any questions or insights at susan@travo.com