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Skevi tells us about The PA Way

In February 2018, I woke up having seen a fun and inspiring platform in my dream called The PA Way.

I tried to Google it and realised that I had dreamt the concept so I then spent each evening building what I saw in the dream into a website. Fast forward to November 2019 and I have launched two versions of the website, launched membership called “Loyal Royal” and put on over 40 events on top of being an EA.

The reason I was so inspired to create TPW was because I was tired of being asked to create amazing events from start to end and having to hear about them on a Monday because I was never permitted to attend them. I was also tired of being told “you are just an assistant” and that assistants do not matter or have any value. I recall being pulled into a meeting room and being quizzed on TPW and being told “you are just an assistant with a pipe dream, quit now”.

When you add the word “just” to anything like that, you immediately devalue the purpose and my sole focus for TPW will always be to ensure our industry is heard, recognised and rewarded for the talent that lies within it. We should be permitted to attend training without having to use annual leave or be too “scared” to ask our Executives in fear that will be rejected. Why is it acceptable for other departments yet for our industry we must stand before the jury to be given a verdict? That is why I created TPW, to become a community of like-minded assistants, the Allstars, the magic makers in any organisation, to shine and illuminate their talents.

Since launching TPW, it has grown beyond what I ever thought it would be, I have assistants from all over the UK and internationally as part of the “Squad” (that is what the community is called) and with more assistants deciding to “level up” and become Loyal Royals.

Loyal Royal membership allows you to live “like a boss”, you get to experience amazing venues, private dining, spa retreats, you name it, we have done it. It also allows you to obtain access to the Loyal Lounge where you get learning and development, access to our affiliated partners for treats and perks and much more. The PA Way is all about you as the assistant and will always be about you, because you matter the most. You are our heartbeat!

Next year, I will practise what I preach in that I will be levelling up even more! New events, new learning and the launch of our mini festival “Rock & Glow” which will see the best speakers, best suppliers, wellbeing and more for a day of learning and creativity. Who said learning had to be boring?

It is important that you understand that in your role you are 100% the CEO and by that I mean, you need to be involved in so much, understand the mechanics of the business, be connected to the majority of people in the office and be the go to person. You are important. I need you to remember that.

I would love to welcome you to The PA Way and any of our events. You can check out the website at www.thepaway.co.uk for further information. 2020 is the year we level up; we hope you join us on the journey!
Warm wishes and inspiration

(November 2019)


Skevi Constantinou is an EA with a wealth of experience across the administrative and assistant industry. She is a huge advocate for the industry, evoking change by encouraging assistants to be heard as one voice.

Having created and launched the popular assistant lifestyle platform, The PA Way, Skevi’s mission is to ensure that assistants and admin professionals are valued, nurtured and listened to – by staging events and allowing them to “live like a boss”!

Skevi truly understands that it’s time to put assistants and admin professionals in the limelight and ensure that it is our time to shine.

The PA Way is all about inspiring, empowering and motivating you to be the best you can be, not only as the Rockstar Assistant but as the Glow-Getter who shines!