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Let's do lunch!

Sara Perry tells us how to keep energised during stressful, hectic days

We spend a lot of time at work these days often in a stressful environment and so making sure we’re well and able to cope with what the day throws at us is paramount.

What you eat can make a huge difference to your resilience, mood and overall wellbeing at work, but how do you make a healthy lunch that’s easily transportable, practical for eating on the run (you should step away from your desk and take a proper break but I’m trying to keep it real here) and tasty too?

First things first – the basics. A healthy balanced meal will include low Glycaemic Index (GI) carbohydrates (think sweet potatoes, rye breads, brown rice, green vegetables among others), lean meat, fish or vegetarian protein sources (tofu, quinoa, etc), good fats (butter, avocado, olive or coconut oil, nuts, seeds, etc) and lots of different coloured vegetables.

But how on earth does that translate into portable, practical & tasty? If sandwiches are your go-to rye or spouted grain breads are a better choice. They’ll fill you up without giving the sugar rollercoaster of their higher GI cousins, white and wholegrain breads. Use butter rather than margarine – the chemicals in the marg will interrupt your body’s natural ability to process nutrients – or even better why not spread a little avocado instead for a great Omega boost.

Pack the sandwich with tuna or salmon and a stack of salad veg and you’re ready to go.

Like eggs?  Why not make up a frittata with lots of veg and layers of sweet potato on Sunday, then cut yourself a slice for work the next day (and the days after that as well). Add some salad to the box as well to make more of a meal and you’re sorted.

Speaking of salad…Want a dressing but don’t want soggy salad? Here’s 2 simple ideas for you: Firstly, make up your dressing (my favourite is honey, wholegrain mustard, olive oil & balsamic) and then put a portion of it into one of those little jam jars you get in hotels & B&Bs. They’re the perfect size for a salad portion, leak-proof and easily portable!

Or why not make your whole salad in a jar? Get a big Kilner jar and start with your dressing at the bottom. Then add the more ‘wet’ salad items such as tomatoes, cucumbers etc and finally your leaves on the top (spinach, rocket & watercress are some of the most mineral packed salad leaves out there). Fasten the lid tightly and head off to work. When you’re ready to eat your salad tip it from the jar onto a plate and add a protein source (hard boiled eggs travel well if you don’t peel them before you leave home).

And finally, my all time favourite lunch box lunch…Leftovers! Yep. I make double the amount at dinner and pack the rest up for a lovely lunch the next day. This works well with curries, casseroles, stir fries, chilli, meatballs … the list is endless. And you don’t even need to heat it up - A lot of meals are just as delicious cold!

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About Sara

Sara is the Owner of Corporate Fit, a no nonsense Workplace Wellbeing Consultancy committed to delivering wellness interventions that actually work.

If you’d like more information about energy boosting, brain friendly food options for your workplace please give Sara a call on 07515 702500 or email hello@corporatefit.co.uk.