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Jannie Oosterhoff : #EveryDayWalking

As a freelance Executive Assistant commuting to my client is one way two hours in the car

So no exercise at all. And back to home again two hours no exercise or any movement.
As an Assistant I do a lot of my work at my desk. Again no exercise.

After Christmas of last year (December 2018) I saw a picture of myself at a Christmas dinner two weeks before that. Then I decided that is was time for Jannie 2.0. I was not happy with my body, had no energy and my condition was horrible. After taking stairs in the building of my client I had to recover completely.

I started with #EveryDayWalking in combination with Weight Watchers. Let’s face it: I had to lose a lot of weight. I decided to do something I could do everywhere and when I wanted to do it. It was also a personal search to be able to recharge properly. Losing weight is also personal leadership, you want to change a part of your future. And it was up to me, to change to Jannie 2.0.

Now I know that besides losing a lot of weight by #EveryDayWalking it gives me also a lot of new energy, moments of reflection and I discover several new things in nature and even in my hometown. The moments of reflection become more and more important. What am I proud of and what are my learning moments of that day.

I did some research about walking and found several interesting articles about walking and how it can change your body and mind. Even by #EveryDayWalking at least for 30 minutes.
I started my #EveryDayWalking journey with 20 minutes every day. I started in the evening in the dark, every day. In the weekend I did my #EveryDayWalking for an hour. It was tough in the beginning, also to continue every day. But stopping was never an option!

After a few weeks I told several people that I was losing weight and was #EveryDayWalking. Some people didn’t noticed that I was losing weight (that was okay for me) or asked me: do you have time for #EveryDayWalking? Then I told them that I decided to be one hour each day less active on my mobile. Not checking email or social media. I take my mobile with me for taking pictures. I do not take pictures every day. Sometimes I only want to walk and nothing else.

Now #EveryDayWalking is an addiction. At the end of June I could not walk for two days due to a surgery. My recovery went very well because of #EveryDayWalking.
But after two days I really wanted to walk again and I did it.

I change the route I walk every day. I never walk the same route. I want to keep challenging myself. And that’s the same with time. I started with 20 minutes every day, after a week it became 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour. During the week my #EveryDayWalk is between 1 and 1,5 hour. In the weekend it is longer.

When I started with #EveryDayWalking and adjusting the diet all the important things like blood pressure etc. were okay. But I know that being overweight doesn’t go well for once.
Not moving (or exercising) is the new smoking. That’s why #EveryDayWalking is so important to me. And never give up, even when the weather is bad or it’s dark. Try to walk at least 30 minutes each day.

I am the CEO of my future, not only with education or a business, but also with my body and mind. Self-care is necessary. I am the only person who could change something. And now it was the right time for me, for Jannie 2.0.

So, are you joining #EveryDayWalking?
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“Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of EVERY STEP you take towards reaching that goal”.