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Five ways a massage at work will improve your day!

Sharon Zemmel outlines the importance of massage for office workers

Government statistics reveal that more sickness days are taken due to skeletal problems, like back and neck pain, than anything else with 31 million days a year. Stress, anxiety and depression account for a further 15 million work days lost per year.

Worryingly, women are 42% more likely to have a spell of sickness than men. Also, looking at sickness absence by occupation, administrative and secretarial staff are more likely to be ill than their bosses.


Fortunately, employers are increasingly understanding the importance of providing wellbeing opportunities for their staff at work and massage is becoming one of the more popular staff benefits. So what’s so great about getting a massage at work?

Improves aches and pains
Are you getting back or neck ache from sitting at your desk for so many hours a day? Do you get eye-strain or headaches from staring at a screen for so long? Do your hands ache from typing or are you getting RSI (repetitive strain injury) in your wrists from holding your hands at a particular angle on your keyboard?

All this can be addressed and improved in a regular twenty minute seated massage. Twenty minutes is enough time for a therapist to work on back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms and hands. And the massage can be tailored to focus more on where you need it most.

Be calm and relaxed
Being a PA carries responsibilities, deadlines and a large workload which can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. A twenty minute massage will send you back to your desk with improved blood circulation, raised endorphin levels, relaxed muscles and a calmed nervous system. You will feel revitalised and relaxed.

Work more productively
Having a break for a massage saves you more time than it actually takes to receive. The physical and mental benefits have the effect of boosting your energy and concentration levels. You will find that you will work more productively when you return to your desk.

Have a one-to-one session that is tailored to you alone.
Hopefully, your company will offer various facilities for their staff. Exercise classes, gym membership, coaching and training are just a few examples. But here is your chance to have a staff benefit that is all about you. Tell your therapist what you need and enjoy her undivided attention.

Enjoy a little “me” time
You work hard so why not have a break and enjoy being pampered. Take a break from looking after others and allow yourself to be cared for and looked after for a while. After all, you know you’re worth it!


Sharon Zemmel runs Massage@Work bringing relaxing massages into the workplace.
To find out more please contact her at sharon@massageatwork.biz or on 07867 804494. www.massageatwork.biz

Sharon also runs Cheadle Holistic Therapies offering a wide range of massages and holistic therapies for private clients.

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