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Diana Brandl

Hello from Germany

I thought I would share some experiences from my current assignment as a freelance executive assistant at an international startup company in Berlin.

I am working again with a young manager generation that I love to call the millennial managers. I know millennial managers already from a previous job, but it is just wonderful working with them again. Wanna know why? Well, let me start with a few things I discovered:

Email management: Not with my executives as they handle their inboxes just by themselves which gives me room to work on other stuff. I was used to manage emails at my previous employers but I actually enjoy it just watching my inbox.

Calendar management: Sadly they like back to back meetings and this drives us all nuts as time is never enough. So you can imagine how crowded the calendar is – color coding does not help too much here.

Work life balance: They do not come before 10 am and leave not later than 7 pm. Love that they create this culture and at the same time give the team the same room to work this way. They also do not tolerate when staff comes in sick. They will be sent home right away. Happened to me already.

Communication: It is all about Slack, let me tell you that. Not always easy to tackle as they sometimes send their requests via email or Slack. So I have to be careful not to miss anything.
Work clothing: Suit, tie and fancy shoes? Not with my managers. Super easy people who come in hoodies and jeans. And I get to wear jeans and sneakers as well – yay!
Team spirit: It is all about the team. They love people to grow and manage their leadership just brilliantly. I am impressed so far.

Maybe you have executives just like that even from a different generation? Then consider yourself lucky as they are wonderful leaders with a clear vision and management style.
I am only 3 months on this assignment and I will for sure never forget the experiences I gained there.

Best from Diana

Diana Brandl holds a Degree in International Administration and Management, specializing in Office Management.

Throughout her career, she has worked successfully for C-Level Executives within global corporations such as Sony.

Diana has a strong background in Communications and is a dynamic networker. She joined the professional network IMA (International Management Assistants) in 2006, and is an active member proudly looking back at her involvement as Board Member and Chair of Regional Group of IMA Berlin.

She continuously supports the role of the management assistant by speaking at international events and publishing various articles in Germany and abroad focussing on Digital Transformation, Personal Branding, Strategic Networking, Mentoring, Diversity and Social Media. Diana writes her own blog The Socialista Projects and is influencing the industry with her creative initiatives such as launching the hashtag #WeAreInThisTogether.

Diana Brandl describes herself as Digital Native and has recently worked in the start-up world, where she rediscovered her role as a management assistant with 17 years of professional experience within the New Work generation. She teaches first-hand what it means to work with Millennial Managers and how important storytelling is in sharpening a profile.

Diana is a regular interview partner in Germany and abroad sharing her stories as an expert in Digital Transformation and Personal Branding. Her first book was published in German in October 2018.