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Being an EA in India

Aseya Roshan talks about her role

I am Delighted to write this Article on "Life of an Executive Assistant “. My name is Aseya Roshan I am from India Mumbai and have been an Assistant for the last 5 years at Creativeland Asia.

My Journey being an EA has been challenging, yet exciting. Every day I learn something new and no task is the same. Every task assigned comes with its own challenges.

When I was interviewed, there was no Job description it was a fairly new Organization which was even more of a Challenge. My profile was not only limited to calendar and travel it was much more. As an EA, it is not always about Qualification or past work experience I was hired on basis of fitting a certain requirement. The Boss and an EA relationship has a lot to do with understanding idiosyncrasies and building trust which happened over a period of time. I faced a lot of resistance from various departments which was a challenge. The only way I could overcome this is by building relationships which has been a continuous process and make people realize that I am doing my job and I want to do it well.

The only way I could multi task is organizing myself and learn the skill of being accurate, focus on being perfect and adapt to different situations and not loose consistency in what I do. The good things about this job is there is no sales target to meet end of the month it’s the pressure to be accurate, being aware and expect anything at any time. As the Organization has grown my skill of being able to adapt has helped me gain a fair success as an EA.

As difficult it may sound my learning has helped me in my personal life too, time is a very important factor and everything takes time to develop and grow. Today I have more people who speak with me cause I emphathize with them. We are human and we like attention and like to be heard.

I attended Heather’s training in Kuala Lumpur last April , and the most important thing I took back is the importance of Emotional Intelligence and quality of communication. The importance of self-awareness and empathize with others at different levels in an organization, how the right communication and simple communication help us in our day to day activity.

I lastly would like to thank Heather to give me this great opportunity to share my experience of being an Executive Assistant .


 (Written in February 2017)